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If you are sexually active and have multiple partners, it could be a sexually transmitted infection.Discharge from the penis can be watery and clear, or opaque and cloudy containing pus and even blood.Most of the time, a whitish discharge from the penis is caused by urethritis.

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However, other types of discharge or discharge that comes directly from the penis itself is often associated with a health problem.

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Pyoderma involves the formation of a purulent skin lesion, in this case located on the glans penis, and overlying the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea.

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Penile discharge should be treated and our same-day GP appointments make it easy to have the right tests done at your convenience, with fast results and immediate treatment.

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Other symptoms with this condition include burning with urination, penile discharge, and frequency of urination.It has been a while, Terri but I appreciate your previous answer.Estimated 40-60% warts are flat type, showing no symptoms. 3 weeks to 8 months average, but can be up to 18-20 months.Symptoms of balanitis include swelling, redness, discharge, itchiness, and pain.

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Swab tests taking samples of the cells and fluid from the penis, cervix, urethra or anus and urine test are among the options.

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Both gonorrhea and chlamydia are often completely cured with proper treatment.

Discharge from the penis may be milky, white, yellow, green, clear and in some cases they may contain blood.

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At birth, the foreskin sticks to the tip of the penis and cannot be pulled back.Dr. Marie replied: Sometimes, a slight discharge from the penis can be normal.In case they are too strong, they leave signs of damage on the glans penis and at the external urinary meatus.The diagnosis of a UTI is based on symptoms and laboratory testing of a urine specimen or urethral discharge.

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This happens during times of arousal and also when not aroused.

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Abnormal discharge from the penis is something that many men are terrified of.

About 1 in 20 males experiences balanitis, and it largely occurs in uncircumcised men.I have had a clear discharge from my penis for the past 4 months.

Hello, If the white discharge is on the penis it can be due to smegma but if the white discharge is from the penis esp after intercourse then it can bedue to Chlamydia infection.

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Since you have a discharge, it makes sense to get re-checked.Penile discharge is the term used for any fluid other than semen or urine that passes through the urethra (the duct or tube that carries urine from the bladder out of the body, through the penis).

I am currently working with a urologist to figure out my discharge problems.It can be quite shocking to see discharge on the penis, so this section will cover why this can happen, when it is normal and the rare times that it can point to a problem.

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