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Secondary market The market in which securities are traded after they are initially offered in the primary market.

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Constipation, flatulence and mild distention are well known clinical findings associated with myxedema. 1, 2 Medical texts and monographs on gastrointestinal disease make rare mention of the association of hypothyroidism and a megacolon-like syndrome manifest by actual enlargement of the colon.The new tissue accumulates and results in thicker branches and stems.

A secondary forest (or second-growth forest) is a forest or woodland area which has re-grown after a timber harvest, until a long enough period has passed so that the effects of the disturbance are no longer evident.The stock can relate to any type of company, in any industry.

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A bud starts growth in the leaf axil, the point right above where the leaf connects to the shoot.

Primary growth refers to longitudinal growth of the shoot and of the roots.A contagious feline leukemia virus can be the cause of lymphoma in some cats.A secondary follicle is an intermediate stage in the progressive development of the early follicle (primordial follicle) to the tertiary follicle that ultimately releases the fully-grown egg to the fallopian tube.The issuance of new stock for public sale from a company that has already made its initial public offering (IPO).

The NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms features 8,300 terms related to cancer and medicine.All secondary diagnoses are those that may have contributed to the primary or may not have, but they are definitely conditions that must be dealt with in order to treat your total health.

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Many people have no idea what is the meaning of a primary or secondary tropical rainforest, and assume all jungles everywhere are the same.

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Though the term is daunting, the meaning of ligamentum flavum hypertrophy is simple — the enlargement of a type of connective.

The definition of secondary is below the first, or coming from something original.Definition of economic activity: Actions that involve the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services at all levels within a society.

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Definition of second growth in the Dictionary.A non-dilutive secondary offering is a sale of securities in which one or more major stockholders in a company sell all.The secondary bud is one that is present next to the primary bud within the compound bud.Key Terms: Primary Population Theories Theories of Population Change Secondary Population Theories Demographic Transition Theory Demographic Inertia.

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Secondary sex characteristics are features that indicate genetic fitness to the opposite sex, but unlike sex organs, they are not directly part of the reproductive system.

Mergers come into play in the world of business for two very different reasons.Left ventricular hypertrophy is defined as an increase in the mass of the left ventricle, which can be secondary to an increase in wall thickness, an increase in cavity size, or both.Secondary growth of roots cliff notesplant anatomy anomalous secondary (anomalous as a determinant plant shape and form an overview.The secondary growth, which, in a sense, develops the leafy body of a plant, may occur during or after the primary growth.For example, a vine begins to send out leafless shoots, which is the primary growth.Secondary growth occurs in many roots and usually results in the thickening of the root diameter by the addition of vascular tissue.

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An underwriting discount is normally included in these offerings.

Plant Form and Function: Primary and Secondary Growth study guide by bmoody6 includes 10 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.This type of insomnia often is a symptom of an emotional neurological or other medical or sleep disorder. Insomnias.Initiation of secondary growth occurs when cells in the residual procambium and parts of the pericyle begin to make periclinal divisions.The cells that eventually form the vascular cambium come from two sources, the procambium in the vascular bundles and the interfascicular parenchyma cells between vascular bundles.

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Gross domestic product or GDP is one way of assessing economic activity, and the.

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