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Engage in warm-up exercises for five to 10 minutes before beginning an exercise session.Proper Jelqing Warm Up 1) Soak Your Towel - You will need a hand towel.

Before starting the program, it is important that you become familiar with the exercises below.Next, how to keep the warm-up from getting boring: There are different Levels to the warm-up that you progress on throughout the week.

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Getting to the right temperature relaxes your smooth muscles in penis and make it responds way better to the exercise.

It is important to warm your penis up with a towel or hot shower.

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Jelqing is considered the most traditional and basic penile enlargement exercise.

You guys have heard the old saying that women are like ovens, and you have to warm them up.After completing your jelqing session, you need to take a little time to relax and warm down your penis.Make sure the towel does not become too hot, as the skin and tissues of the penis are especially fragile.MOVE UP: With light pressure on the grip, slowly move it up your penis.Jelqing is just like any other exercise - you need to warm-up before starting.

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Although pretty basic, stretching and jelqing happen to be two of the most effective penis.If you want your car to go for ever, keep it warm, and when you start it, warm it up before driving, you will increase its lifespan dramatically.

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Warm up your entire shaft from the base to the glan of the penis.STOP BEFORE GLANS: Stop the grip directly before it reaches your glans.

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Massage you penis until you are semi-tumescent (partial erection).Warm-up exercises increase the blood flow and warm the body while loosening the joints and muscles needed to work out.You also do need to properly warm up the tissue of the penis.

Warm up and cool down: Warming up is important before jelqing as it prevents any muscle damage.The ideal jelqing pressure is one that does not hurt, but effectively pushes blood up the penis.Try to massage your penis gently and make sure that the force that you exert is bearable.If you see red spots or bruising develop, discontinue or try more warming up and shorter sessions.

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Prior to performing any penis exercises, or even doing penis enlargement routines using pumps or extenders, warming up is vital.

If you are interested in trying out penis enlargement exercises to get a bigger penis, then this article will help you learn how to warm up, stretch and jelq.Jelqing Exercise: Jelqing is a manual penis enlargement exercise that does not require any devices or machines.

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The four most popular warm-ups are: Heat can be applied in a variety of ways.