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Cardiac Catheterization-Although cardiac catheterization is the gold standard for left- and right-sided cardiac pressures and conduction anomalies, myocardial perfusion, wall motion, ejection fraction, and anatomic abnormalities, the intravenous radiographic contrast media used in angiographic studies, may cause acute renal failure in patients.The cardiac silhouette can appear relatively normal even in the presence of moderate to severe left ventricular hypertrophy if the left atrium is not enlarged.It can also be due to an expiratory radiograph, pericardial effusion, a mediastinal mass projecting over the heart, or in some cases epicardial fat (in order of likelihood).


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Her mother witnessed 1 episode in which the patient collapsed and lost consciousness for a few minutes.Signs of left ventricular enlargement include an elevated carina, loss of the caudal waist, and a more perpendicular caudal cardiac border.

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Chest radiography (Figure 1) revealed enlargement of the cardiac silhouette, with a disproportionately increased transverse diameter, and an obscured left costophrenic angle.On an upright PA chest radiograph the ratio of the transverse width of the heart shadow to the diameter of the rib cage at the same level should not exceed 0.5 in normal individuals.The earliest finding on thoracic radiographs is left atrial enlargement (Figure 1A and 1B).While transthoracic echocardiography will often yield useful information, transesophageal.The cardiac silhouette is more prominent in the left chest with a normal cardiothoracic ratio, but the heart shape is altered by the rotated view.

Enlarged cardiac silhouette could be pericardial effusion or cardiac enlargement.I presume that the enlarged cardiac silhouette was found on the X-ray of the thorax.The absence of cardiomegaly indicates that the mitral regurgitation is either mild or acute.

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A 35-year-old man with sickle cell disease presented with dyspnoea and chest pain, and was found to have an apparently enlarged cardiac silhouette on plain chest radiograph (figure 1).All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice.

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Mediastinal lymphadenopathy is an enlargement of the lymph nodes located in the mediastinal part of the chest, the area in the middle that separates the lungs.When pericardial effusion is present, it is possible to observe generalized enlargement and rounding of.Various authors also have called VHS an acronym for vertebral heart score, vertebral heart sum or the vertebral heart system.

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Initially it is important to be able to identify radiographic signs of cardiac chamber enlargement.

Applying the hilum overlay sign discussed in scenario 4, the proximal segment of the visible left and right pulmonary artery continues to lie laterally to the enlarged cardiac silhouette (i.e., negative hilum overlay), thus eliminating anterior mediastinal mass from diagnostic consideration.


The cardiac silhouette was enlarged on CXR (Figure 1) and the lung fields were clear.Echocardiography will reveal the presence of a mass, flow obstruction, and presence of intramural thrombi.It is mostly due to cardiac enlargement (cardiomegaly), which has its own causes.

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Mediastinal lymphadenopathy is not a disease itself, but a symptom of another.

The heart can become enlarged all over, known as global enlargement, or just a chamber can be enlarged, known as regional.The cardiac silhouette might be normal in dogs with a small volume of MR (MMVD stage B1 dogs), as there might be no left atrial enlargement yet in these dogs.On right lateral projection, the enlarged cardiac silhouette with the increased contact on the sternum.

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Wheezi was admitted to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.

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The cardiac silhouette is considered enlarged if the cardiothoracic ratio is greater than 50% on a PA view of the chest 1.

The cardiac silhouette being enlarged, means her heart is larger than normal, indicating a possible cardiac condition.A left lateral thoracic radiograph reveals an enlarged cardiac silhouette and a linear soft tissue band (arrow) connected to the diaphragm, caudoventral deviation of the xiphoid process, and a diffuse bronchointerstitial pattern.

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A 23-year-old woman has had 2 episodes of syncope during the past month.

Signs of right ventricular enlargement include loss of the cranial waist, increased width of the cardiac silhouette, increased sternal contact of the heart, and an elevated cardiac apex.

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Dorsally displaced epicardial fat pad (arrows) indicates that the cardiac silhouette is due to pericardial effusion.The VHS was established to create a more objective way of diagnosing cardiomegaly via thoracic radiography.Cardiac silhouette changes during right atrium and left ventricle enlargement.The loss of clarity of a structure, such as the hemidiaphragm or heart border, suggests that there is adjacent soft tissue shadowing, such as consolidated lung, even when the abnormality itself is not clearly visualised.

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A chest radiograph shows an enlarged cardiac silhouette and bilateral pulmonary edema.A chest radiographic image taken 3 years earlier, which the patient brought with him, showed an enlarged cardiac silhouette, suggesting that a chronic process was causing his heart failure.It is common to observe a banana-shaped cardiac silhouette on the lateral view.The left atrium on the lateral view when enlarged causes a change in shape of the dorsocadual aspect of the cardiac silhouette.

Possible abnormalities that may be visualized include: enlarged cardiac silhouette, mediastial enlargement, and focal cardiac calcifications.

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Worth mentioning, there is a medical term known as the cardiothoracic ratio (CTR), which is a measurement on a chest X-ray (CXR) of the width of the heart divided by the width of the chest.The chest radiograph usually shows an enlarged cardiac silhouette.Vertebral Heart Size (VHS) is a number that normalizes (indexes) heart size to body size using mid-thoracic vertebrae as units of measure (Figure 1).