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Image resolution is basically the amount of detail an image can show.

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Digital A frame of 35mm film, scanned cheaply at a good photo lab to a CD, is about equal to the resolution of a 25MP DSLR.

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Digital advocates expound upon the superiority of their technology, but what is the best we can do.There have been a few film versus digital articles here and there on the interwebs, but seems like very few have approached the subject in a scientific fashion or with the advice of both film and digital experts.

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In other words, the assumption was that the 35 mm C of C size was known and the question was how to convert that to a size for medium format film.The more you enlarge a negative, the more grain there will be.This ultra fast film features an ISO of 400, making it very sensitive to light even in very poorly lit settings.

What is the maximum enlargement size of a photo from a 35mm negative or slide.

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Hi, what size do you consider to be a realistic maximum enlargement from a 35mm negative.The Leica C1 was one of the compact cameras offered by Leica Camera AG.Money Back Guarantee ensures YOU receive the item you ordered or get your money back.

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How to Get Into Film Photography on a Tight Budget Many photographers out there who have grown up on digital cameras want to try film photography, but are reluctant to do so because of the cost of buying a camera and getting film developed.Canon believes that a dedicated development to seek a high- Canon believes that a dedicated development to seek a high-.

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