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The dark green represents the highest speeds, while dark red shows the slowest.

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Compare typical online activities with the minimum download speed (Megabits per second, or Mbps) needed for adequate performance for each application.Gone are the days of being unable to play games online because of a crappy wifi connection.

The average speed in the UK is less than a third that of Singapore, which tops the global league table measuring broadband in 189 countries, where it takes an average of 18 minutes to download a 7.5GB film.

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For most individuals, no matter what level of service is provided, fiber-optic service.

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Internet speed is the amount of data you can receive in a certain amount of time, usually in seconds.

The average basic DSL speed in 2010 is between 768 kilobytes per second (Kbps) and 1.5 megabytes per second (Mbps).The file size is written in megabytes and the speeds are in megabits.Typical Download Speed The is the typical download speed that most subscribers can achieve consistently during expected periods of heavy network usage.

I tried contacting Comcast but they had no idea what was wrong.Most Internet users will download an exponential amount compared to their uploading.Fiber-optic speed depends on a number of different factors, and typically ranges from 15 megabits per second (Mbps) on up, including whether fiber goes directly into the home, and the level of service purchased.

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So a well-provisioned 4G network can hopefully achieve the same result, maintaining its impressive speed record.

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The only bad part is that the flux capacitor modem costs like 1.21 gigadollars a month.The average mobile connection speed stood at an estimated 6.8 Mbps worldwide in 2016.Upload and download speeds vary by provider and individual subscription packages.There are two normal factors that significantly influence the latency of a consumer device (like a cable modem, dsl modem or dial-up modem).A Wi-Fi network connection operates at the highest possible speed that both devices, often referred to as endpoints, can support. An 802.11g laptop connected to an 802.11n router, for example, networks at the lower speed of the 802.11g laptop.

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Download Speed: 10-15 Mbps This speed tier is quickly becoming the new normal - sort of like going 65 mph on the highway.

An average of 3.4Mbps in February peaked to more than 4Mbps in May and August, finishing at 3.8Mbps for October.

Both devices must support the same standard in order to operate at the higher speed.February 24, 2012 17:10 By default, Speedtest.net measures your connection speed in Mbps, meaning Megabits Per Second.

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Speed Test Internet speeds are an estimation of how many megabits (one million bits) of data can be downloaded in one second.Browsing the Internet, watching videos, downloading music will all be a small upload followed by a huge download.

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